a yoga retreat island
- Retreat yourself on Vis

Vis is a yoga retreat island. We invite you to retreat yourself on Vis.

Vis is surrounded with energy vibes that keep you grounded and centred. You don’t need to go anywhere or do anything, and you can do it all. It means you are most definitely in the present moment, with yourself and the people around you.

balancing energy

10 reasons why Vis is a yoga retreat island 

Vis island is a distant from Split city and the coast. This adds additional charm and attraction to yogini around the world. The island Vis is big enough to wander around. It has so much to offer that you can get to see and feel for years to come. The south, secret secluded paradise beach, is one of the best in the World.  Do you need more to tackle your senses?

Vogue France lists Vis among ten must-visit islands

When a very influential magazine ranks the Croatian island Vis among the ten must visit islands, people stand up and take notice.

And it’s not just important for visitors and tourism today.

Previously, Vis Island was crucial to the leader Tito. After 1945, Vis was closed to tourism by the Yugoslav army as it was used as a major naval base. It was only re-opened to foreigners in 1989, and was part of the Croatia that gained independence in 1991.

All the navy/military buildings on the island were abandoned at that time, although many of them can be visited today – including the cave in which Tito ‘hid’ in during World War II.

Then the British loved it too. Soldiers lived there with their military base being on the island. It even has a cricket playground. 

So many tourists visit Vis during the holiday season most of them returning annually, each year coming back for more!


Island of yoga is a perfect untouched spot

Thanks to its laidback location, visit Vis and you feel like you are stepping into a higher and yet slower reality frequency. In the middle of the Adriatic Sea, almost halfway to Italy Vis is the most remote and thought of by many locals and visitors alike as the most mysterious of Croatia’s islands.

Visiting the island of yoga, slowly your worries melt away as your perspective of every day life changes. Closed off to the rest of the world for decades, this island boasts a unique and rich history, offering a glimpse into life in authentic Dalmatia.

Vis island of yoga has that unique vibe of Fjaka

Our yoga island is a paradise of postcard-perfect towns nestled into bays, abundant with hidden caves and beaches, and surrounded by water that is every shade of cyan imaginable. When you visit you have the feeling of having been there for so much longer.

It is an idyllic destination to explore, dine, and embrace the Dalmatian pace of life, pomalo (slowly).  


This place of my hedonism has everything our souls desire from a yoga retreat on island. 

Lots of  sun 

Crystal clear sea

Fresh clean air and water

Land and fresh veggies 

Beautiful locations

Fantastic venues 

Vis island represents the luxury of today – sustainable vacation luxury. 

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Yoga island is famous for its gastronomy

Food is a topic per se. Inland agricultural land produced enough food for islanders and visitors and the island is ‘divided’ between agriculture Vis town and fishing Komiza. Komiška or Viška Pogača is famous calzone style pizza stuffed with salty sardines, onion and tomato differs in ingredients in these two town beauties. What is the difference you will discover eating it when you arrive?

It has fantastic lemons so big and fragrant that donates a kick in everything you make, sweet or savour. We will dedicate one retreat kitchen class to lemons. It’s the perfect brunch bite. Or ‘marenda’, as they call it. Vis lemons have the fragrance that will make your gin tonic on Vis immemorable.

Local expat community is growing

You will take a ferry or catamaran from Split, and when you arrive you will not want to go back. Many visitors have stayed on Vis, buying land and houses. One Norwegian couple stayed on to produce the best Gin with local herbs.

It’s not over stating it when we say that you will feel at home on the island after only a few days and that you will be regret having to leave, promising yourself that you will be back some day, some how!

Vis has a long and rich history

The Greeks brought wine. The Romans made baths and logistic. The Venetians left architecture and food. British and French both occupied it during the napoleon. Austro-Hungarians added some good roads.

Vis stood in for Greece for the famous Mamma Mia2 blockbuster that made it recognised as a Hollywood dream shooting location.

Mamamia Vis Island

Vis offers peace and silence

In the summer season the ferries are packed with tourists and visitors to the island. At the moment, visit the island and you will feel that there is just the right amount of people around. No-fuss or significant traffic. Thankfully, there is no big hotel on the island; you know what I mean.

For all those wishing to enjoy untouched nature, Vis is the right place, saved from various devastations. Thank God, we have so many amazing treasure spots around the globe. Vis is undoubtedly one of them.

Vis beaches are voted best in Europe

One of the best world beach Stiniva is on the southern part of Vis and it’s not the only enchanting place to get away.

There are so many bays and hidden coves, making Vis popular among the sailing community; fortunately, in the off season, when we arrange our retreats, there is no rush, and we can fully enjoy the beaches. 

The Blue cave is a place not to be missed for its blue shining colour at the bottom of the sea cave. The cave is famous for the mesmerising blue light filling the space at a certain time of day, when the sunlight hits the sea surface through an opening on the vault. 

The light reflects off the water and the white seabed, wrapping the whole interior in a layer of iridescent blue.

Vis island is a Covid free destination

Thanks to the fact that Vis is off the beaten track and common routes the island has had very low Covid cases. Thanks to internal controls the island has preserved its reputation as a Covid Free Island.

The community has also been busy preparing itself for the incoming tourist season. Vigorously applying all the protocols of cleanliness as protection against the virus. To keep all safe, locals and visitors alike.

Connect to your higher self

The practices of yoga and meditation can help us know our higher self a bit better. Taking time to retreat helps us profoundly understand ourselves so we can have the life we dream of.

Our dreams can manifest from imagination into reality.
I invite you to bravely stand up to the parts of you that hold you back and go to that Retreat.

Your soul will thank you.

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