Intentions have been manifested

When your intentions happen for real

Looking back for a while, there is a pleasant feeling of my intentions getting manifested. My recent life-changing steps started slightly before the Covid lockdown. I was kind of sure of the refreshment that my life needed. It’s then that I so clearly realized that there is no excuse for not doing what I really liked to do. Or I missed the time to do it sometimes in life.

Slowly, and thanks to the guidance of souls of light, I connected deeply with my desires and turned them into intentions. So, here I am – writing my blog about our memories of the retreat. My intentions have been manifested.

Here to add, it’s sure not all roses. But, nevertheless, all together is overwhelming. 

how did it start

I met Marieke and Tim online, and she moved something inside me; her guidance moved veils and unburdened the path I was standing on. I just felt a wish to host them here in Croatia on my favourite island. The offline gatherings are my mission.

Therefore, Tim and Marieke thankfully accepted the invitation despite all the obstacles, here we are, after a year of fears and hopes, ideas and adaptations. They helped me on this journey with their warm clarity and reassurance.

We did it – in a year full of restrictions and limitations imposed on our living – we had a great retreat with many happy souls together.

I’ve been deeply touched seeing all these beautiful people shining and joyful, happy and thankful, supportive and open. Coming to retreat is everyone personal achievement. It’s not always easy to have time, strength, and financials to travel to retreat. But, it’s multiplied reward doing it.

As a result, seeing your happy faces makes me feel accomplished. The magic that happens in one week of mingling and practising Sadhana together isn’t easy to put in words.

What happened on retreat

How to describe the journey that happens on the retreat. It is a beautiful intense week of savouring life in its fullest richness, in the loving company of people who come to show up for what they want to be.

We retreat, aiming to mindfully participate with all our senses in the practice of daily rituals, celebrating life in its simple form of here and now. Even more, just seeing inner transformation on every shining face from their arrival and warm smiles and hugs foster connectedness.

In simple words, it’s a week of fullest immersion in nature that sometimes can be harsh and fierce, but it is more a blessing of colour and vision with a soft cuddle. Nature vibrations and breathtaking views can indeed transform our lives when we are open, receptive, and willing to participate. The venue location offers complete immersion in nature and a glimpse of old times life. It’s not about high stars comfort but is all about coming back to yourself.

The food was delicious and very local

Food was highly tasteful as our chef Sanda is a special lady who chose this island for her new address. She was preparing lots of wild herbs to support the detox and assimilation of the fragranced landscape. My personal winner is a vegan side dished of foraged wild herbs made with potatoes, garlic, olive oil good salt and pepper. No body knows what she put inside:)

On a bit colder day, 22 C, she played with fire to treat us with a feast of ‘gradela’ in veggie and local shrimp version called ‘gambori’. A bakery on the island makes great sourdough bread touched by fire, soaks irresistibly the fragranced olive oil.

Afternoon foraging with goats for dinner herbs’ pesto was great activity; we all laughed and learnt as well. Following days we had so many cleansing and calming tea infusions made with wild island herbs. Rosemary, sage, mint, thyme and melissa. To fight off the lack of coffee routines that we had left home. 

Why do we go to retreat

Our mother Earth blessed us with beautiful places where we feel is easier to witness unique energy and attune ourselves to her vibration.

Surround yourself with natural beauty and dive deep inside your body and soul, and you will start to feel more alive. After all doing, sometimes all you need is to sit quietly and open your heart to that field of love you are in.

Surround yourself with loving people, do your Sadhana in nature, nurture your body with healthy food,
and speak with openness, kindness and compassion.

As a result, the energy rises, the heart blossoms, the soul expands, and love shines on our faces.
It’s more than clear that we are all together in this venture called ‘life’.
Release your longings to the light you feel within, step it up and live your true desires to the fullest.
Connecting with your deep desires makes your intentions flow easier into manifestation.
Be inspired by the field of endless possibilities we all together belong to.
It’s not the easiest path but is the only exciting.


The practices of yoga and meditation can help us know our higher self a bit better. Taking time to retreat helps us profoundly understand ourselves so we can have the life we dream of.

Our dreams can manifest from imagination into reality.
I invite you to bravely stand up to the parts of you that hold you back and go to that Retreat.

Your soul will thank you.

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