Allure of laying down

No one can resist savasana

Its not just lie down. It is much more then just be still on your back. When you allow yourself to slip deeper within then you will hardly resist Savasana healing benefits.

We all sometimes feel like stealing these few hours from our full daily scheduled rhythm for our yoga class. We often need to run after a while. Also, we might need to continue running to a friend’s place for a cosy home dinner company. Almost all of us had similar situations in our everyday life so far. Maybe, only now with Corona, we have decided to take a slower life and loosen our daily schedule to fit into more natural quieter living.

the most challenging pose

Surprisingly, Savasana is considered one of the most challenging pose in yoga. It’s not easy to lay down, relax the breath, and silence the chatter in mind. Taming the mind and body to meditate after rigorous activity builds resiliency to be used in other areas of life. Just like you learn to let go of life’s little worries when you’re in Savasana, you also develop the skills to react mindfully during a problematic situation.

After an excellent asana session comes the most relaxing of the poses Savasana, a simple corpse poses. Laying on our back, with our arms and legs slightly abducted and open to the sky in search of total loosening and lengthening of joints and muscles with a breath more concentrated to longer exhale to nourish the grounding.

I was not once in a situation when my monkey mind told me that I have many more important things to do than lying on my back and feeling the ground. And to relax. I usually practice in the morning. Sometimes my dog is already nervously waiting his time out, so from compassion for my dog, I might sometimes skip Savasana, take a dog for a walk, and maybe come to Savasana later in the day or after lunch. We often neglect our Savasana as we think that we do not perform something crucial. And we feel as having many important things to solve at that moment.

savasana is a mindful meditation

When you think of Savasana more as a mindfulness meditation practice that can be used after any exercise, this inactive moment is crucial.

“Savasana allows the body to absorb the full effects of the workout,” explains yoga teacher Tamsin Astor, Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience. “Especially in this active, overstimulated world, having a period of forced rest to do nothing but focus on the breath is a chance to let go.”

Savasana is much more critical for the practice than we could imagine. We haven’t done anything if we don’t close it with at least 10 min Savasana. It’s that time needed for our body-mind and heart to flow into relaxation. We need to give our body time to process and assimilate all the practice information and begin to adapt accordingly. Our body will continue to adapt during the following days, and night sleeps additionally.

savasana stimulates rest and digest system

Savasana stimulates our rest and digest response and calms our sympathetic nervous system, fight, or flight. Savasana is the down-regulator, and we experience a calming, sweet release. Over time, Savasana teaches us how—and that we can—move from anxiety and hyper-stimulation to this state of down-regulation where digestion, the immune system, and other essential systems are restored and enhanced.

Savasana might help prolong our elevated mood long after we’ve stepped off the mat, some scientists confirm. “If you’re able to slow it down and enjoy the rest, you can take that relaxation through the next part of your day,” says Carla Manly, a clinical psychologist and meditation instructor. “It lets the body flood with feel-good neurochemicals that help you sustain your good mood.”

We all deserve to learn how to stay still in this busy and tense world, and our nervous system will be thankful. If you happen drained during the day, fearful or anxious, try to find 20 min and a place for prostration, and you will discover the advantages and effects of this simple posture.

SAVAsana is a medicine

It can be a medicine for all mild distractions as headaches, sorrows, worries, and fears. It is the best thing you can do for your nervous system. In my practice, when I, for whatever reason, skip Shavasana, I feel some sense of imbalance throughout the day. And only later on, you realized that imbalance or anxiety might be due to that morning missing Savasana. Siddhasana also makes miracles. But Savasana takes you into lengthening, where the body finally becomes tension-free, and the mind follows it. Long Savasana slowly becomes Yoga Nidra and connects us to a higher power called Love.

Indulge yourself into Savasana! You are deserving at least one Savasana per day.


The practices of yoga and meditation can help us know our higher self a bit better. Taking time to retreat helps us profoundly understand ourselves so we can have the life we dream of.

Our dreams can manifest from imagination into reality.
I invite you to bravely stand up to the parts of you that hold you back and go to that Retreat.

Your soul will thank you.

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