Why we meditate

Mediation heals

For already two years, we’ve been coping with Covid time and all the changes we have been through. So we like to share our experiences on how we got through them.

Back then, in 2019 already, life got a bit chaotic, and I had wished it to end. After years of absence of regular meditation rituals, I just started with regular meditation. That means sitting on a cushion, doing nothing outward, and focusing on the inside. Simple?

Developing an inner focus on the breath and body layers, muscles, joints, skeletal, feelings, emotions, and thoughts is already a mental work. When you sit and start letting go, all those concepts you know or read about, like stillness, peace, calm, pleasure, boredom, sadness or excitement, slowly become natural.

Sit comfortably, allow yourself to be, just doing nothing with outside, and focus on your inside. And soon, you will discover an immensity in there, and you will come back again and again for more.

Sometimes all you need is just to stop and allow yourself to be here.

Crisis period

Telling all above is the person who, in nature, is inclined to rush or overact or overthink and overdo. One who finds it hard to sit and do nothing, who feels guilty of just sitting.

Being naturally curious, I encountered many meditation styles, and I tried them throughout my life. I have always reached for meditation as a cure for overburdened reality. Sometimes, it was.

My personal experience is that ten years is a transition period and takes a few years to level it up and stabilise. Osho talks about seven years in human existence, but many theories exist. And when years of thin cows happen, people react differently to the crisis, as we have also witnessed it now.

In regular periods of life, and in critical especially, meditation is always the best cure. It is always a good idea. Not only as an escape from reality. More as a teacher of natural existence.


You will find so many instructions for meditation as people are constantly discovering new expressions of the same human urge to transcend the obvious. And honestly, what we all need is fewer worries and fewer fears— more contentment and gratitude. But, unfortunately, we have been bombarded with fear from everywhere. As a result, we have felt a global desire to unite in joy and the absence of fear.

So bring yourself anything you need that will help you focus on your intention. It will enable your natural mechanism of being alive without fear.

The beauty of science

If you have a rational scientific mind, you will feel amused by fantastic discoveries of modern meditation, neural biology, quantum physic and somatic awareness. You probably heard about great Joe Dispenza and all the guys and ladies around the global wave of meditation popularity. Practices that were hidden and dismissed as hippy or primitive are finally confirmed by mainstream science and become widely accepted practice.

Modern-day meditation

We had a new dimension of time during restriction. Just from the blast, we had more time and less space. Imposed restrictions pushed us to start looking inward during the lockdown. Ok, some were drinking a lot, or cooking and eating. I escaped in nature and inside. The benefits of meditation for balancing our captured bodies and worried minds are bluntly easy and cheap to practice.Meditation is a practice that made a giant leap in lockdown, becoming practice with many newcomers during the last Covid crisis.

If you want to explore and unfold all the power of meditation, prepare your body for meditation with breathing and movement. Gentle Yin yoga’s or a short restoration practice will calm your body and prepare you for a pleasant sitting time. Your bodywork will allow your body to open for breath to flow freely and replenish all your body parts with vital life energy.


You can choose whether to spend an hour or a quarter-hour for yourself. Decide for small steps, as long as it has continuity. Don’t be afraid of your fired discipline in your initial meditation practice, as it will help you transform it into rituals you will become addicted to, soon. Instead, think of your meditation time as a sacred time of self-care that is the most beneficial experience you can introduce in your day without any cost except your perseverance and decisiveness. Be a warrior of your kingdom and set up roots and plant the seeds of your best self (we love this couching expression).


BALANCING ENERGY with Ivana Šalov, Brač Island, May 2022


Kundalini retreat with Marieke and Tim, Vis Island, June 2022

STRONG BODY.OPEN HEART.CLEAR MIND. with Anastasia, Brač Island, August 2022.


The practices of yoga and meditation can help us know our higher self a bit better. Taking time to retreat helps us profoundly understand ourselves so we can have the life we dream of.

Our dreams can manifest from imagination into reality.
I invite you to bravely stand up to the parts of you that hold you back and go to that Retreat.

Your soul will thank you.

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