1. Stepping into my-time of self-care

Living our daily life, we often feel sucked into the never-ending events we feel the need to respond to and act upon. Our boundaries shift as we try to manage the growing challenges every day bring. Often without noticing, our life passes, with us forever in a mood of nervous arousal, often a state  we are unaware of. Slowly we lose touch with ourselves and somehow feel blocked in our journey.

That’s why retreating is so important, allowing us to step back from doing and acting, a practice of great help when facing life’s demands. It allows us to revisit our intentions comparing them to the realities of our present self. Modern-day luxury is to have the time to feel the present moment, with no expectations, unrestrained from the self-imposed efficiencies we create for ourselves.

While we love the pampering of a retreat, this isn’t the only reason we retreat.  We retreat to return to ourselves. To get back in touch with our precious sacred self, often hidden under many layers of directives and narratives. When return to ourselves on retreat, we become again aligned with our true selves, living true to our purpose so that kindness, honesty, and integrity come more naturally.
I always come back to life after a retreat with a clear mind, strong body and open heart. What more could you wish for?

2. Learning new skills and tips from inspiring teachers

So, how can a retreat make a difference? Why do we return home from a retreat so ‘lightheaded’?  Because every day at the same time we practice daily rituals. Once back home, the practice makes it easy to continue with these daily rituals so that they become our sacred space of restoration and peace. After a week of routines, we learn to support ourselves to maintain any self-care practice or daily sadhana that we wish to introduce to our agenda. Afterwards, you feel grateful for the tools experienced through direct interpersonal routines, supported by inspiring teachers and lovely souls.

Moreover, teachers on the retreat are also less distracted, so they can fully dedicate themselves to transmitting their knowledge to all. The benefits of intensive learning in an intimate group becomes imprinted in our body-mind steadily and easily. This is the experience of embodied knowledge.

On retreat we will work with our energies in grounding and stability, core strength and our heart’s openness. Some retreat leaders love chanting rituals that further support energy detox. Learning new tips and practices that you will take home to balance your life is guaranteed.

3. Being in a like-minded community

Spiritual or wellness gatherings propel you to the group of lovely souls gathered, all eager to open their hearts and cleanse their minds by working with body, breath, and movement. There are so many activities we can do in that sense. The power of energy multiplies in the community, where we feel safe to explore even our own vulnerabilities. We have plenty of opportunities to consciously serve others gathered, known and unknown to us and do so with no attachment. Don’t forget about this amazing opportunity to make friends for after you return home. Moreover, they let you realise that you are not alone in your doubts. This gathering of similar people is not characteristic to regular vacations.

All of us are tortured in one way or other, by this cruel and aggressive world around us, and we are eager be somewhere peaceful and safe. Western world living has slowly eradicated community living as our cultural focus lies in independence, individuality, integrity and competence. The virtual algorithm makes it all even easier. Community way of life in today’s modern world, belongs to undeveloped societies. And yet we all know what the consequences of living life without taking care of others are. World Blue Zones emphasize the importance of community and tight-knit social circles, as important for pleasant longevity, among other conditions.

The global world community is wounded, and people around us are suffering immensely. We need more time spent in togetherness, in love, pray and laughter. Whether you retreat into your own city sanctuary, fitness centre or pub, or love for a week in a new community, you will unfold new facets of yourself. You will discover your richness, in the richness of the community you find yourself in. A retreat is an excellent opportunity for mingling, laughing and sharing. It’s a place of experiencing interconnectedness despite the world of division that we are part of.

“We are birthed into the sangha, into a religious community. So it is called the world.”


4. BODYMIND: Rewind, Recharge, Restore

We can all absolutely be burned out from all the socializing duties and career challenges we partake in daily. When you retreat, absolutely drained, or burned out, you are only able to stay quiet, listening to your inner voice. Moreover, during the past two years, we have all been squeezed and drained by the Covid pandemic, continual disbalances, and raging wars, all part of today’s global changes. We can’t understand why in this 21st century we can’t live without wars. And yet through it all, we cannot live separately; we are not detached, so all these global mischiefs lay upon our back, and the consequences hurt. We have never before on earth, faced more mental disturbances, especially with children and youth than we are facing now, globally.

When you finally check in to retreat, you don’t want to think about anything you left behind. Anything that is lingering behind you. Instead, you choose to devote yourself, to your body, breath, nature, and release. Nature is the highest healer. There’s nothing better than Nature to help restore our innate strength and balance through movement and breath. Natural set up present the perfect platform for you to forget about the hustle and bustle of life and let your nerves relax. However, regular vacations can be taken anywhere that need not necessarily be in a quiet and calm locality. Moreover, retreats also offer a plethora of other activities that quench your thirst for adventure and exploring new cultures.

According to a research study published in Nature, simple vacations only bring about short-term improvements in well-being; however, a week’s meditation and yoga can improve metabolism and and mindset for the long-run.

5. Visiting new places and cultures

Last but not least is our thirst to travel and experience beautiful places on earth where we do not live. To experience our new selves somewhere new and unknown. That’s why we travel to participate not just in a retreat but in a different culture in a whole new geographical location.

So what are we are yet to discover in the world? We all follow our own personal life journeys. My way. My Dharma.

Travel means change.
Change supports growth.
Growth nurtures lightness.
Lightness brings contentment.

So, for your next holiday, pick one of our retreat that help you unwind and resolve any pending concerns empowering you to regain control of enjoy your life.


BALANCING ENERGY with Ivana Šalov, Brač Island, May 2022

Kundalini retreat ‘Eternal Self’ with Marieke and Tim, Vis Island, June 2022

STRONG BODY.OPEN HEART.CLEAR MIND. with Anastasia, Brač Island, August 2022.

ASHTANGA WITH LARUGA, Rovinj, October 2022.


The practices of yoga and meditation can help us know our higher self a bit better. Taking time to retreat helps us profoundly understand ourselves so we can have the life we dream of.

Our dreams can manifest from imagination into reality.
I invite you to bravely stand up to the parts of you that hold you back and go to that Retreat.

Your soul will thank you.

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