Ageing is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.”

– David Bowie

We have already grown enough on our yoga path not to be too afraid of ageing. Every new day is a unique opportunity to be a better Self, making life so beautiful, engaging and mysterious. We can feel the power of love with every new day, and smile at a stranger again on our morning walk. Each and every day, again and again.

Like many of you, I started to get worried seeing emerging hints of ageing in mid 40ies. So I began reaching for all kinds of remedies to support and alleviate the symptoms of dreadful menopause. That was the cue to get deeper through my fears, know the ‘enemy’ better, and stop escaping from it. Learning and immersion in ourselves are always the best roads to take when dealing with life challenges.

my space


I have been in yoga since my late twenties; in the beginning, a very sincere practitioner following my guru and going on weekly Satsang. Then I fell in love, got a daughter, and priorities shifted. I lost control over my regular practice as I needed focused energy in my family life, daughter, job, socials and other engaging modern life routines, gradually making me function more outside than inside. I have put my Self apart for the sake of more ‘important’ things. Loving others, we tend to forget to love ourselves, and then the time comes to remind us that we have lost the tracks of our true meaning.


Time flew by, and I found myself rummaging and digging inside, trying to see clearly, to understand what I had become along this road and where I see myself now and after. To see clearly my Self and connect to the intuition that has been waiting for me deep in my guts.

My first logical step forward was back to an intense, daily practice eased with the pandemic started, which proved the best I could imagine. I will always be grateful that Covid imposed the ‘ban on living’. Cause I finally had time to meet myself truly, to find the courage to search for my dharma or ‘my own way’ of existence.

What do I want and what I miss doing?

Where do I see myself in a few decades?

How many of you had a similar experience?

Classic midlife crisis!

Sunset at Talež, Vis island


It is never late to start reinventing yourself if you are unhappy with what you have become or the space you find yourself in. There is not only one of you ladies, who booked a retreat with Yoga Hrvatska as a fervent practitioner in midlife. I find it so inspiring. There are many of you around, and I’m glad to meet you in person on our retreats. All of you brave ladies are invited to show out for yourself as proud of your age while accepting the power to create and recreate ourselves by tapping into our divine innate strength that we, maybe only in our mid-age, dare to become so aware of.

Through my adult yoga age, I discovered an immense ever-growing inner space where everything happens – the passage for releasing out and the space to receive. It’s a new, rediscovered space of lightness where you go each and every day to feel thankful and peaceful. 

Ultimately, our goal of wanting something better is the first ladder in our approach to yoga.

After that, we gradually improve our focus and resilience, health, relationships and everything else we do.



We live in a time with growing awareness of the importance of yoga principles for a balanced life, so nicely expressed in Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, which offers a complete compendium for modern humans to live gratefully with contentment, a clear mind and a light body.

In Yoga and Ayurveda thought, we will find almost all the means and tools to support us in our attempts for better living.

My midlife investigation, ‘ recalibration’ of my goals and wishes, and real action in pursuing my intentions brought a new zeal for a fresh start in my 50ies.

“Yoga is a really powerful vehicle for change. As you build strength, you start believing in your own potential.”

– Tiffany Cruickshank-


As a birthday special during August we would like to treat you with a 100EUR discount for a week of learning, reflection and relaxation in Rovinj City, Croatia!

NOW accepting applications for our 6-day Ashtanga yoga retreat where you will be guided by Ashtanga Master Laruga Glaser, who has supported thousands of yogini on their journey. 

Let be frank, men and women are exhausted, overworked, and stressed after two years of chaos and uncertainty.

Which is why we’re holding our special Ashtanga Yoga Retreat for a full 6 days, for you to take some time for yourself, to learn, relax and reflect! Get deep inside to find new connections.

Apply NOW, during AUGUST and SAVE €100pp

Regardless, if you’re new to Ashtanga yoga or have been practicing for years, this is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and share an experience of a lifetime! All levels are welcomed.


When you go for a simple sunset stroll, you’ll mainly see all passersby greet you with a smile.

It will be when you know you are in the right place.

Join our international group of practitioners this October

RETREAT WITH LARUGA, Rovinj, 3-9 October 2022.


The practices of yoga and meditation can help us know our higher self a bit better. Taking time to retreat helps us profoundly understand ourselves so we can have the life we dream of.

Our dreams can manifest from imagination into reality.
I invite you to bravely stand up to the parts of you that hold you back and go to that Retreat.

Your soul will thank you.

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