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“We don’t have time to sit on our hands as our planet burns. For young people, climate change is bigger than election or re-election.

It’s life or death.” 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

It is common for the present adult generation to neglect ecological problems more than the younger population. Also, citizens in the country with lower carbon footprint figures are less aware of environmental change threats; some groups might see it as a colossal conspiracy, gaslighting, or just thinking: ‘I can’t do anything. I am powerless to have any influence on legislation.’

Anyhow, suppose you feel gratitude in your heart for life itself. In that case, you cannot be resilient to the ecological issues around you, even though you don’t see turtles choking on plastic bottles around your corner.

Youngsters are angry, for exploited and drained Earth they inherit from us, and with an absolute right. We have all worked hard to achieve maximum comfort and abundance, and now the planet is dying from all our economic accomplishments: think of the first thing you can imagine and you can get in a few days max from anywhere worldwide. With a full right, new ‘kids’ demand an immediate change in mainstream behaviours, politics, decisions, industry and economic management. It is more than evident that we are burning our house down if we stay complacent in a neo-liberal consuming society that cries for an urgent transformation.


We are proud of the national GDP, which sums the market value of the output of goods and services in a given country. But experts say this metric’s lack of focus on environmental degradation has steered economic policy and investment in harmful directions, including a reliance on fossil fuels and growing inequality, and away from the fair and sustainable use of the planet’s finite resources.
These figures ignore our endless growth and production side-effects on Earth’s health. “This conceals how the foundations of human well-being are weakening even as financial incomes may have risen for most people,” said Pushpam Kumar, Chief Environmental Economist at UNEP. In response, economists are developing new ways to measure wealth and well-being that better reflect the planet’s health and people and economic systems. More governments have begun to use these metrics to guide their development strategies and economic policies.
However, once the global players consider a sustainability factor in counting our GDPs, we might say that some change is done.


Instead of growth why a redistribution of global wealth concentrated in the hands and accounts of the chosen elite, is not a solution? Therefore, researchers are repeating and showing that there is enough for all of us on Earth. Are we getting ready to oppose fairness to the growth imperative?


Our civilization is still running on neo-Darwinism epitome of the stronger who wins, survival of the fittest, instead of relying on collaboration and cooperation among the Earth’s population. Otherwise, we may not avoid yet another civilisation extinction on Earth. Do we need to travel to space to see the globe from above to understand that this Mother Earth is our only home? 


An eternal question! ‘Disaster seems inevitable, anyhow! We’ve lost this battle already.’ is common excuse.

We can make changes in the field of our nutrition, consumption and buying actions. That is where our power lies; even though we might work or have jobs in non or less-sustainable industries, privately, we can strive to show our awareness of the urgency to act.

More than ever in history is clear that it is the last moment to decrease, lessen, and cut meat and dairy consumption. If you can only do it with, eat that meat if you need it, but not every day. Skip it sometimes! It may be time to rewrite general nutrition guidelines regarding animal proteins, as it’s becoming evident that we can also be as healthy and potent without avg. 50 g of mostly animal proteins daily. There is so much rich plant food in our neighbourhood, enough to make us strive and stay fit.

Additionally, obesity figures clearly show that most of the population overeats unhealthy industry-prepacked mostly dead food from supermarkets.


We are so attached to our ownings that it sometimes becomes funny to watch one’s attachment and loyalty to things we own.
I know people who have collected all the things they bought in their life without ever throwing or giving away but continue to collect jealously, not being able to give up on something they spent money on. Then, some collect villas, ships and flats. Anyhow, it is not easy to resist as all the world is working hard to convince you to need that thing right now. Being able to differentiate our existential needs and being aware of our whims of too many desires can also help the Earth. Nurture yourself as a responsible buyer and consider how sustainable your shopping act is.

You might be frustrated if you are living in a country with a higher Co2 footprint, as you know that radical change is needed on the top decision-making levels, which often ignores ecological issues. Even more, we are all aware some laugh at those bunch of green activist nuisance as they see only profits and dividends. They think only of new intact, virgin lands to be exploited for their business.

But, lets be frank, there is a global youth movement who leaves their jobs and dedicate their life to fight for positive change in industry and politics. They struggle to bend politicians to fasten radical legislation and apply urgent system changes. But, backstage of this battle, is a global conscious citizen who can support the change by shaping our consumer behaviour to new sustainable requirements.


The good thing is that people recognize, on some deep level, that the economy of living is fundamentally destructive, undermining conditions for our and our children’s future. The good thing is that 70-80% of survey respondents prioritize ecology over growth. And this shift in awareness gives us hope. 

How do we change daily urban lifestyle having our jobs and daily life rooted in the system? What does ‘be a change’ mean to you? What do you want to see in the world? More ecological buying choices you decide for, might be more expensive, but growing demand will eventually decrease the prices. Green laundry washers, just years ago were or unavailable or too expensive and now almost all shops have affordable offer.


You know, we are all in this together, and we believe in human transformative power. It is about what each of us can do to prevent more harm. Remember, humans can do anything. We are made to make the impossible possible. So let’s imagine we would finally overcome our systemic bugs that prevent our nature from restoring itself.

  • Think twice when buying! 
  • Less meat and diary if you really can’t live without it
  • When shopping, avoid supermarkets and visit the farmers market for your meals and eat locally sourced food
  • If your groceries are not local, then choose organic, green or fair-trade labels
  • Buy less in general, favouring bulk products with less packaging
  • Avoid online long-distance shopping for luxury
  • Avoid plastic whenever you have a choice
  • Share your non-used wardrobe and buy fashion responsibly in second-hand or hand-craft shops. 
  • Recycle your trash
  • Save water and energy, do not overheat or overcool your spaces, dim the lights
  • If your job enhance ecological problems,  be the voice of the change in your community
  • Feel compassion and understanding for all difficulties or shortages you encounter along

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