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Istrian wellness gem

The picturesque landscape of Istria will enchant you with its coastline and its inland hills and vineyards; therefore, it deserves the nickname Croatian Tuscany. Rovinj itself was declared a cultural monument in 1963. The limited space led to the construction of narrow buildings, streets and small town squares. Of particular interest in this town centre are the characteristically designed chimneys. 

The church of St Euphemia was built in the 18th century, while its facade in Venetian-baroque style was added in the middle of the last century. At the top of the sixty-metre high bell tower stands the copper statue of St.Euphemia, which shows the direction of the wind by turning on a spindle.

The western coast of Istria boasts an excellent location within the Alpe-Adria region, only a one hour drive from Trieste, 2.5 hours from Zagreb and 6 hours from Munich. If you fly to our retreat with Laruga Glaser, from any major EU city, your arrival airport is in Pula, half an hour from Rovinj city.


The people of Rovinj make their living primarily out of tourism, fishing, agriculture, winemaking and viticulture. Boasting a rich natural and cultural heritage with beautiful landmarks such as the old town, the Golden Cape Park Forest, protected islands and coastal area, Rovinj boasts loyal visitors worldwide.

A pleasant climate and a wide array of sports facilities make Rovinj an ideal host venue for all sorts of wellness experiences, from conferences to meditation retreats and training camps for professional athletes all year round

The average temperature is 13.5°C, warm and semi-dry climate, with more than four months a year without wind. Such a mild microclimate boasts only a few places, Mali Lošinj and the Brijuni archipelago. Around 134 sunny days makes Rovinj the third sunniest spot in the Adriatic. At the same time, it is the least cloudy place.



People here are the proudest of the products of their land and farms, so every sightseeing is gourmet travel along. If you are a sea eater, there is iconic trattoria Giannino with superb antipasti, pasta Frutti di mare, e fritti misti.

If you are into fine dining, book your dinner at Monte restaurant, run by chef Danijel Đekić and his wife, sommelier Tjitske Đekić-Brusse, this inspiring couple has earned itself a prestigious Michelin star. In addition, it is yearly considered one of Croatia’s best restaurants by Gault Millau.

If you think you need it, make an exception this time, and allow yourself a glass of superb local Malvazija, the most prefered white in the country.  Any decent gastro place will offer you with a good glass of chilled Malvazija. Though, don’t skip wine cellar visits.



This peninsula is ideal for challenging yourself with free climbing, rafting, kayaking, cycling, and scenic boat rides. Also, try fishing, climbing rocks, jumping with a parachute, or just taking a squad drive.


Discover secret cliffs and romantic bays on a sailboat, or fly like a wind at the speed of the speedboat. Discover the underwater world and beauties of the Rovinj and Vrsar archipelago with the professionals and explore the mysterious underwater world. Let us organize one sailing day around the islets if you are a sea lover.

You can opt from easy to demanding trails, from 10 to 135 kilometres, with different altitudes. Rovinj, Vrsar, Bale, Svetvinčenat and Kanfanar are your safe haven. You can start new challenges along roads of epic history and stellar landmarks when it comes to experimenting and pushing the boundaries.

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