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Quiet rejuvenation

Vis Island is the perfect place to slow down and reflect amongst unspoiled nature, breathtaking beaches, amazing underwater world, rich history and delicious local cuisine. You could easily be convinced that Vis Island really is paradise.

You won’t find any big resorts or packaged hotel deals on this picture-perfect island. And, you will find crystal clear beaches, scenic fishing villages, sprawling vineyards and delectable cuisine. The perfect place to slow down and reflect. 

Vis Island Yoga Retreat Location Photos

Vis has beaches in abundance, offering some of the finest on the coast and home to Stiniva Beach, an almost completely obscured white pebble cove flanked by two towering cliffs with a small opening out to sea. A captivating sight to behold, awarded as one of the best beaches in Europe

It’s a small island, about 20 minutes driving from Vis town on the northern side of the island, where the ferry comes, to the other central hub of Komiža a fisherman’s port on the south side of the island. The most perfect sunset location.

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Until 1989, Vis served as a Yugoslav military base, effectively cutting off all foreign visitors for 30 years. This seclusion led to a halt in development and population. Now that it’s opened its doors visitors have slowly been trickling in and discovering this under the radar gem of an Island.


Remnants of a multicultural history remains with

~ the Greeks bringing wine to the island.

~ the Romans their usual baths and logistical network

~ the Venetians left their mark with architecture and gastronomy

~ the Austro-Hungarians added great roads with Tyrolean-style bollards still in use

~ the British and French both occupying it during the Napoleonic wars

Vis Island retains its quaintness with only 3,000 tourist beds on the whole island, a tiny amount compared to other islands.

With an added bonus that no cruise ships can drop in maintaining the integrity of the islands fragile ecosystem.

Mamamia Vis Island

And of course as we all know now Vis island is where the blockbuster hit ‘Mama Mia! Here We Go Again’ was filmed, where the island stars as a fictional island Kalokairi, represented as a paradise island. For the privilege, Vis was nominated for the European Film Location Award for the best film location in Europe.