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Weekend Guided Rituals

wellness saturday

Spend your Saturday mornings doing something good for your self

Discover new strength and flexibility

Enjoy healthy breakfast with a view and listen to tips on healthy nourishment

Pamper your senses in spa rituals  in warm and pleasant company



January is a month of beginnings, transformations, new journeys and paths. It signals the transition to the next phase – the Moon, time and our lives – it is always time to turn a new page. We are determined to leave what we do not need to have a contented and happy life.

This first Full Moon 16.01.2022. also called the Wolf Moon, or Cold Moon, it marks the middle of the cold season and is a time for transformation and introspection. It’s also a time to see what’s missing and what we want to attract. Therefore, a meditation on releasing harmful and setting new goals is beneficial and empowering during full moon energy.

15th JANUARY 2022

Spalato Spa, Radisson Blu Split

Spend your day with yoga, healthy food, nutrition talk and mingling.

YOGILATES  08:20-10:30

BREAKFAST  10:30-11:00

NUTRITION talks  11:00-12:30

SAUNA SESSION 13:00-14:00


FREE SPA TIME/ pool, massage, bath, treatments


Like all nature, we are affected by the Moon’s phases. The Moon’s energy corresponds to the end of inhalation when the power of prana is most significant. This expansive upward force makes us feel energetic and emotional, but we are not well-grounded. Our practice will balance the energy of the Full Moon by focusing on the opposite energy of the exhale, gathering the force of downward movement that makes us feel calm and down to earth.  

This yogilates session leads you to your body’s ability to adapt and transform through smooth and fluid moves. Jala Flow or Water session is creative and intuitive, and less structured.

/YOGILATES combines the best Pilates exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles with yoga practices for flexibility and balance. Thanks to Ivana’s well-known fluidity of vinyasa yoga and her creativity, you will rediscover your body potential. A class is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or gender./


Many of us start the new year with decisions about change, and we have to put them into action, which is not always easy. However, significant changes begin with small steps. Our pleasure-based habits are hard to break because pleasant behaviours stimulate our brains to release dopamine. This reward-related chemical strengthens the habit and creates a desire to do it again. However, various studies show that it takes us at least 21 to 200+ days to develop a new habit, and there is no one-size-fits-all instruction. Instead, each of us needs to understand our unique make-up and what motivates us to make the most of our personal path to transformation.

Expect a lively conversation about setting goals for the new year and how to follow them.



Practical strategies and tips that will empower you to make better choices by

  • Assessing all your pro and contra assets
  • Setting up most plausible goals
  • Choosing the best strategy according to your type, wishes, and possibilities
  • Accepting the possibility of change
  • Remind to be kind and adaptable


Price includes:

  • Yoga class in hotel spa with teacher.
  • Breakfast from hotel buffet
  • Informal presentation and talk from nutritionist
  • Sauna and steam session
  • Yoga Nidra meditation
  • Free spa time in hotel pool and sauna spac


Make your payment to:

YOGA RETREATS d.o.o. Krešimirova 42, 21251 Žrnovnica




DAILY TICKET 400 kn (Yoga session, Breakfast, Nutrition talk, Sauna session, Yoga nidra, Spa time, 30% discount on treatments)

After filling the form at the booking link and paying the amount for your package your place is reserved. You will get an invoice on your email as a ticket confirmation.

Wear sporty clothes, and leggings, take the swimsuit if going to spa.

Take your book or ebook for afternoon relax. Bring your own mat if you prefer.

Self care is not selfishness. It's a great gift you give yourself and others.


1st Edition

 11th December 2021

Spalato Spa, Radisson Blu Split

Spend your day with yoga, healthy food, nutrition talk and mingling. 

YOGILATES  09:00-10:30

BREAKFAST  10:40-12:00

NUTRITION talk  11:00-12:00

SPA SESSION 12:00-21:00 



is a result of Ivana’s decade of teaching and practicing yoga. It combines the best Pilates exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles with yoga poses for flexibility and balance.

A class is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or gender. Thanks to Ivana’s well-known fluidity of vinyasa yoga and her creativity, you will rediscover your body potential.

Session closes with face yoga and massage.


In the blink of an eye, we’re at the Holiday season again. This time of year can be stressful both mentally and physically from an abundance of social obligations and food, family and emotions, holiday spending, and lack of sleep. All of this can add up and contribute to weight gain.Are you tired of waking up on January 1 feeling frustrated that you will be making the same New Year’s resolution to shed those extra pounds? If the answer is YES, and you are ready to make change and create the future you want, this conversation is for you.

You will learn effective strategies and tips that will empower you to make better choices so you can:

  • Look and feel better in your holiday clothes
  • Eat at parties without feeling bloated, stuffed, or sluggish
  • Maintain balanced energy throughout the day without reaching for sugar or caffeine
  • Balance your alcohol intake and limit liquid calories
  • Achieve clarity about your choices so you’re in control

BREAKFAST                                Spa


Ivana Šalov, a Split local started her formal education in Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga yoga a decade ago with 200-hours teacher training in Zagreb, Croatia. Being a “forever student” she completed another 200 hours teacher training in Integral Vinyasa Yoga, then 300-hours teacher training in Portugal with Spanda Yoga School. Her teacher was Nina Vukas, one of the most renowned teachers of Vinyasa Yoga in Europa. She has continued practicing with renowned teachers around the globe – Janet Stone, Shiva Rea, Adam Husler, Celeste Pereira to name a few. She has gone on to complete 50 hours Yin Yoga teacher training with Bernie Clark in Vancouver, Canada, Prenatal Teacher Training.and her SUP, SUP Yoga & SUP Fitness Teacher Training in San Diego, California.
Cyndie Burkhardt is an experienced Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of Appetite4Life, a creative wellness company. She helps digital nomads, remote workers, and travellers stay fit and keep the weight off while traveling so they can enjoy local food and culture without feeling guilty or depriving themselves. In 2019 she left home in New York City to travel for a year and learn about wellness practices in different parts of the world, from South America to Mexico, Asia, and Europe. Cyndie is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY/USA (2009), with additional certifications in gut health, hormone health, and advanced coaching. Cyndie holds certificates from Cornell University in nutrition and the State of New York in fitness. Her expertise includes burnout and stress management
SPALATO is quintessential Mediterranean spa – offering the ultimate peace and relaxation. Let the sound of the waves wash over you as you rest; inhale the delicate fragrance of essential oils and soak up the soft music. Using the exclusive product line, with organic products and oils from Croatia, we offer a wellness program complemented by stimulating massages and Chinese therapies. Spoil yourself with a detox, cleanse or any of our other revitalizing treatments. You deserve it!
I founded Yoga Hrvatska with a passion for Mediterranean lifestyle, my inherent desire for healthy food and living, with my devotion to yoga practice. I've been always exploring the path of better living. I enjoy bringing together great teachers and professionals who enjoy sharing knowledge and inspire to change. Investing in ourselves it is the best investment we can make if we want to live our life to the fullest.Let's not postpone our healthy rituals.