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Dalmatia is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage and breathtaking nature, with the Islands of Dalmatia being ideal for retreats with gorgeous scenery, rich culture and history and amazing cuisine.

Each of our retreats is unique. Every location, every venue and every retreat has been chosen as having something quite outstanding to offer. 

Each island has its own story, colour and flavour and as a labour of love we bring it all together for you to enjoy on your journey to self awareness.

the sublime state of 'fjaka'

There is a way of greeting in Dalmatia, almost lost and slowly regaining its majestic power: ‘POMALO’ what means to slow down, or do slower.  This word with other more popular FJAKA describes best the spirit of Dalmatian life. Fjaka is referred to as a kind of Nirvana state found in Dalmatia. It’s life on the islands in praise of the slow and simple life without rush.