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we rise:radiant and refreshed

A week-long immersion of yoga, movement, and meditation with Sierra Hollister Living Yoga from the US. We are getting ready for the golden light and warmth of midsummer on the enchanted island of Brač ~ with a curated curriculum of practices to purify and renew body, mind and spirit.

kundalini week 17-24 JUNE / brač island


The Experience

A week-long immersion of yoga, movement, meditation soaking up the golden light and warmth of midsummer on the enchanted island of Brač ~ with a curated curriculum of practices to both purify and renew body, mind and spirit.

Revered and ritualized since the dawn of humanity, summer solstice offers the alchemy of fire, light and balance as the sun stills at zenith, poised between uttarayana (northern movement) and uttarayana (southern movement).

The Week

Together we will practice and meditate. A great way to start a day in a high vibration that tunes your whole being into a higher frequency.⁠ ⁠⁠

You will become more aware of how you create your reality through the words you use when you think and speak. 

You will be enlightened and helped to remember who you truly are. This remembrance being the ultimate purpose of life and our most important quest.

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In dedicating this luminous time for practice, self-care and renewal, we gift ourselves the opportunity to alchemize energy, insight, beauty and equanimity.


भुवनज्ञानं सूर्ये संयमात् .२६


bhuvanajñānaṃ sūrye saṃyamāt || 3.26 ||

(by performing samyama on the sun, knowledge of the cosmic realms is obtained – 3.27, the yoga sutras of Patanjali)


Each day will include two yoga sessions to harness the magic of sun, moon and earth and optimal well-being, as well as ample time to enjoy the unique delights of Brač Island.
Often visitor to the house and a lovely chef Sanja will prepare delicious, nutritious and organic vegetarian and vegan meals daily for breakfast and dinner. Nourishing snacks, coffee and tea available through the day to support your vitality and wellness.

We want you to feel like you’re on holiday with the healing practice.

As you will soon discover, Brač has preserved its irresistible charm and vibrations, offering Mediterranean greenery,  local agriculture with organic produce and gastronomy, beautiful beaches to sunbathe and the turquoise Adriatic sea to dive into.

It follows a draft schedule. Final schedule will be soon published.


3PM – Check-in

6PM – Welcome Meeting/Dinner


7 – 9 AM– Sadhana: Morning Nectar
10-11 AM – Breakfast
11 AM-3 PM – Beach time: decompress and unwind                                                                       3-5 PM – New Moon Flow & Intention magic     6-8:30 PM Time to play in the village.                   8:30 – 9:30 PM– Dinner


8 -10 AM – Sadhana : Morning Nectar               10 – 11 AM– Breakfast
11AM–4 PM – Free to explore! (beach, gardens, olive groves, town)
4 – 6:15 PM – The Art of Living : Practice & the True Self                                                 
6:30–7:30 PM– Dinner                                       7:30-8:30  Manifesting Magic : Mantra & Meditation

7 – 9 AM – Sadhana: Morning Nectar
10 – 11 AM – Breakfast
11 AM – 4 PM – Free Time (explore or nap)
4–6:15 PM– Purifying Flow & Kundalini Vitality Practice                                                                  6:30 – 7:30 PM– Dinner                                            8 – 8:30 PM Manifesting Magic: Mantra & Meditation


7 – 9 AM – Sadhana : Solstice Nectar
10 – 11 AM – Breakfast
11 AM – 4:00 PM Free time                                      4 – 6:30 PM This Glow is real & it is you: peak practice
6:30 – 7:30 PM – Dinner                                            8 – 8:30 PM Meditation to capture & hold the light


7– 9 AM – Sadhana : Morning Nectar
10– 11 AM – Breakfast                                         12AM – 6 PM Sevā service for the local community                                                                 6:30- 7:30 PM Dinner                                         8:30- 9:00 PM Meditation and Soundbath


7:00 – 09:00 – Sadhana: Morning Nectar
10:00 – 11:00 – Breakfast
12:00 – 21:00 Boat ride to the surprise place and dinner out


7:00 – 9:00 – Sadhana: Banking the Embers & Holding the Glow
10 – 11 – Breakfast
11 AM  time to say goodbye 

Your UNIQUE retreat accommodation

Villa is situated just a few meters from the beach and, with spacious outdoor areas, offers fabulous views of the sea and the mainland. 320 m² of the interior are decorated with design furniture. The villa can accommodate up to 13 guests and consists of a 4-bedroom main house and two bedroom annexe. 

On the ground floor of the main house are 3 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, each with its own small terrace, extra toilet with a laundry, spacious living room with TV set and fireplace, dining area and centrally positioned main kitchen with long bar. The Master bedroom on the first floor of the main house is the biggest in the villa. Next to the room is a big bathroom with a shower and jacuzzi bathtub for two. The Master bedroom has a direct exit to a huge first-floor terrace with fantastic sea views and sunsets. The guest annexe and the main house are just next to each other and are connected by porches and terraces. The annexe consists of 2 more bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an additional gourmet kitchen.  

Seaside outdoor area features a large veranda on stone pillars, bringing shade over a dining table for 14, a wooden pool deck area with several sun-beds and a 24m² heated infinity swimming pool. Villa is surrounded by gardens and lawns and has direct access to a petty pebble beach. The path to the beach passes between a small vineyard and a garden featuring organic fruits, vegetables and a variety of Mediterranean herbs. 

Villa offers high service level: everyday cleaning service, pool maintenance and concierge on-call are included in the price! 

The Retreat Price Includes:

  • 8 days / 7 nights accommodation at Villa 

  • All yoga routines and practice

  • Daily inspired brunch and a light dinner with vegan & gluten free options available

  • Transfers during the retreat

The Retreat Price DOES NOT Include:

  • Transfers to and from island

  • Meals and drinks not included in the program

  • Any personal  trips, rents, or activities


  • Morning Sadhana with fantastic view practice

  • Afternoon workshops with more attention to the various experience levels

  • Staying in a wonderful romantic house to recharge and unwind. 

  • Transform and heal in the vibes of nature. Sea breeze, sun, beach, blue sea, purest air

  • Relax poolside and enjoy fresh veggies from the house garden. Stroll, bike, hike, sunbath, read, swim, paddle…

  • Discover the beautiful, rich Brač culture & nature, countryside walks and bays


  • There is a 600€ non-refundable deposit required to secure your space.
  • The retreat must be paid in full 60 days prior to the start date.

retreat package price

Only one sleeping option available:

Shared Twin Bed Room

  • Regular Rate EUR 1850/person

EASTER GIFT 100 EUR discount applied on the regular rate. Valid with deposit paid by April 7th.


Sierra Hollister, E-RYT 500 could list all of her credentials and the famous teachers she studied with
here but isn’t it more interesting to know that Sierra is love-struck in awe and wonder, occupying a body
that delights in physical ~ movement, yoga, running, digging into soil, traversing curvatures,
chanting mantra, meditating ~ awakening again and again into the truth of our deep
interconnectedness, our responsibility for each other and earth.
Love, movement, devotion, gratitude for earth and this sacred, holy life ~ all blend and coalesce in
Sierra’s practice and offerings. A “yoga universalist” ~ Sierra has been teaching since 1992 and holds
multiple certifications and draws from numerous traditions ~ with kundalini being her longest running
and ever steady daily jam.
In addition to studio teaching in Asheville, NC, training yoga teachers, and offering 3 credit carrying
yoga courses at Warren Wilson College, Sierra has been featured in Yoga Journal and is a lead teacher
on the Yoga International platform. Sierra’s first book “Moon Path Yoga” is being released by
Shambhala Publishing Fall 2022.
To learn more, (or see those credentials and famous teachers) visit: www.sierrahollisterliving.yoga

This is Sierra’s first ever retreat in Croatia.

Sierra has this fall been published a book with Shambala Publication, Moon Path Yoga where she dwells upon the powerful, revitalizing, feminine “lunar” energy at the heart of Kundalini yoga practice, through this beautifully-illustrated guide with over 170 asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditations for practitioners of all levels.

One of the oldest forms of yoga, Kundalini Yoga is a timeless tradition that includes powerful, specific teachings for anyone identifying as female. These “lunar” practices not only support well-being, health, and vitality through every stage of life, but also awaken and enhance Shakti—the divine feminine, creative life force.

Sierra Hollister helps women discover their unique moon cycle and offers specific sequences (kriya) for daily life, for mothering, for sexuality and relationships—as well as practices, breathing exercises, mudra, mantra, and recipes to provide support and balance.

Moon Path Yoga offers a comprehensive lunar rhythm practice that allows women of any age to awaken their innate divine feminine energy.

Travel Options

Book your international flight in/out of:

  • Book your international flight in/out of:

    • ZAG / Zagreb International Airport.  Distance to Brač island, 300km car distance + an hour ferry crossing
    • SPU / Split International Airport. Distance to Brač island + an hour ferry crossing – closest airport
    • Split – Brač Ferry  (link here) 
    • Split – Brač Catamaran  Info +385 (0) 60 325 523
    • Taxi boat Split airport-Venue-airport – ask for the options

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