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Accommodates 12 guests in 3 two bedroom apartments.

Old island homes completely renovated  in unique natural surroundings with beautiful sea and island views.

Eternal Retreat Accommodation Vis Talez

There is a peace that reigns on Talež, a property restored in 2000, originally founded around the end of the 18th century. 

Eternal Retreat Accommodation Vis Talez

Where your senses are engulfed with the scents of immortelle, rosemary, sage and heather. While the wind blowing through the pines at noon and the voices of farmers from the valley, these feelings and memories have been lovingly built into this village restoration.

This family owned stone village combines unspoiled natural beauty with the atmosphere of old times, creating a perfect place for re-discovering your strength and peace on an inspiring Vis Island.

Eternal Self Yoga Retreat

This small hamlet, located at 220m above sea level is surrounded by cypresses and pine offering a unique opportunity to get to know the history, culture and architecture of this unspoiled rural region of the island.

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Gallery of rooms

Private space where you can unwind surrounded by history, where modern distractions become a distant memory.