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Escape the Ordinary

Your Dream Retreat Awaits in Croatia

Yearning for a transformative experience with your team or community

Imagine this:

Crystal-clear Croatian waters lapping at your feet, or lush green hills providing a serene backdrop for your retreat.


Stop dreaming and start doing!

We take the stress out of retreat planning. No more venue hunting headaches,

budget nightmares, or legal jargon confusion. We handle everything with a smile,

from delicious catering to seamless travel and exciting activities. Your focus? Crafting

an unforgettable experience for your tribe.

Why invest in a skilled facilitator?

The role of a skilled facilitator is an invaluable investment that will pay off in the success of your retreat. 

Picture this:

Your team, energised and focused, crushing their goals with laser-sharp clarity.

Open communication flowing freely, fostering deep connections within your group.

A retreat filled with joy, productivity, and lasting benefits for everyone.

We work for you on

  • venue search and booking
  • financials and transactions
  • legal papers and presentation on the spot
  • catering and food services
  • concierge support in preps and on-site
  • travel accompaniments and guide
  • transfers and shuttles, ground and sea
  • sport and activities
  • trails, walks, sightseeing



We’ll ensure that your retreats are purposeful and productive and yield lasting benefits for your community.

We are skilled at focusing on the team objectives. 

We set the agenda, keep discussions on track, and ensure all voices are heard. 

We encourage you to express ideas, concerns, and challenges openly. 

We allow participants to express themselves freely.

We develop an overall communication strategy. 


Strategic and business planning

Leadership and consultancy  meetings

Assessment of team dynamics

Assists in the design of the planning or meeting process

Overall coordination in all operation

Coordinates and facilitates meetings

Assures that meeting objectives are achieved

The best possible insight into the local niche opportunities 

We’re more than just retreat planners – we’re retreat alchemists. We transform  your vision into a reality, orchestrating a symphony of success. We don’t just manage retreats, we transform them.

Ready to ditch the planning overwhelm and embrace the magic of Croatia?

Contact us today, and let’s co-create your dream retreat!

P.S. Searching for that perfect beachfront location?

We can help you find it!

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