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When we are happy and balanced, our body is able to properly digest food, maintain relationships, balance our environment and handle stress.

Food is the primary source of Prana, the life force energy.


When trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, studies have shown that food is just as important as exercise.

That’s why on all retreats we ensure tasty, nutritious, organic meals to revitalise the body, balance the mind and support you in your wellness journey. 

We source food locally.
We enjoy seasonal produce.

We like food as pranic as possible.

We savour our homemade granola.
We relish healthy cakes and cookies.

We drink local herbal teas.
We go for smoothies and shakes.
We snack on dry fruits and bars.
We create light lunches and dinners.
We delight in tea, dips, and nibs.
We covet a cup of good quality coffee.

eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately

Sneak Peak

Burek with spinach & feta
Pinzimonio fresh veggies & dips
Spicy Tomato Soup
Freshly baked Bread
Rich, colourful Tabouli
Raw carrot, apple, walnut Coleslaw
Quinoa rich salad with herb oil
Roasted Courgettes
Falafael with guacamole & salad
Houmus and gluten-free flatbread
Yellow Thai Curry
Cucumber Tzatziki salad
Home-made Tomato Chutney
Katchadi Basmati & root veggies
Melanzane alla parmigiana
Risotto with sea fruit
Vegetable Samosas
Chapati and Chutneys


I fell in love with Italian cuisine in 1987 when I got my first summer job in Florence as a private chef for countess Emo. It was simple cooking for the teenage me, and the excitement was major. I decided to attend University in the country of gastronomy and graduated in literature and languages.

Of course, when I wasn’t studying English literature, I was in the kitchen enhancing my natural  Italian cooking skills.

Following my passion for food, I founded a catering company, mainly for film production teams in Croatia, preparing meals for hungry actors and crew, like on the Game of Thrones.

Working for the Makronova Association, I learnt about healthy living and embraced it. This started my yoga practice, and I fell in love with yoga on and off the mat. 

Yoga Hrvatska brings together my passion for Dalmatia, my inherent desire for healthy food and living and my devotion to yoga practice. 

Tamara turns the simplest ingredients into a tasty delicacy. Her creative mind assembles various combinations making the healthy meal a tasty feast for your taste buds. I appreciate most of all, her ability to turn limited resources into a final simple, nutritious, and delicious meal thanks to her cooking methods and ingredients. Once you try her kitchen, there is no way back.
EU Fund Manager
I have known Tamara all my life and she has always cooked healthy food. She likes testing new recipes and there is always something new to try and taste. As a child, I got used to various textures, ingredients and exotic spices. She has many tasty, fantastic recipes; you will be surprised how good they are. Follow her for more inspiration.
Food Fan

Tamara's Spring & Summer FARE

This is the first in a series of cookbooks  where Tamara has taken the best of vegetables grown and harvested in their natural season of spring and summer here in Dalmatia.

Her recipes are quick and easy with tips on how to create your own favourite versions based on your own unique tastes.

She has included recipes for dressings and condiments to complement the tasty fare. All dishes created are naturally detoxifying, while nourishing.

Spring and Summer Fare to invigorate the mind, body and soul.